corporate advisory and consulting service

Our key corporate advisory and consulting service includes:

  • Business Start-up and Growing services
  • Financial due diligence
  • General business advisory
  • Risk advisory

Judicial Management
We have acted as Judicial managers with the appoint of court and have restructured companies to be viable to continue to carry on business with the infusion of fresh capital or restructured viable businesses.

There are voluntary liquidation, when the company is solvent and creditors winding up or courts winding up when the company is unable to pay the creditors including bankers due to failure in business.

Our partners can act as provisional liquidators, liquidators in the voluntary, creditors or courts winding up.

Company can be restructured to continue to be viable and carry out business and be profitable.

If a company is viable, but is not in a position to meet the liabilities to the creditors, can restructure the operations by appointing Judicial Managers through court and can carry out restructuring plans.

Through Amalgamation and arrangements of restructuring of the company is possible under the Companies Act.

Mergers and Amalgamation

Two or more companies may amalgamate and continue as one company, which may be one of the amalgamating companies or a new company may formed to continue to carry on the business of all the amalgamated companies.

The constitution of the amalgamated company, the new share structure, the registered office of the company and the composition of the new board of the directors have to be determined.

The reason and the purpose of the amalgamation has to be clearly spelled out and a special resolution has to be passed to obtain the approval of the shareholders.

The directors of each amalgamating company have to make the amalgamation proposal and declare that the amalgamation is in the best interest of the company. The board has to submit the solvency statement.

Our experienced partners and mangers can assist companies by making timely advice and provide business support to move with the time due to the disruptive technology changes.

We can assist in producing monthly management report for your business, assist in providing you timely advise to restructure your business and make it viable at all times.

We provide professional advice relating to increase in your paid up capital, working capital requirement and assist in negotiating with your bankers to get the structured financial support for business and your working capital needs.

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