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We do auditing of Asset Management, Wealth Management, Asset Services, Alternative Investment Companies and Variable Capital Companies established in Singapore.

As one of the Approved Company Auditor and Chartered Accountant firm, we provide auditing and assurance services for a wide range of industries for small and medium-size enterprises, multinational corporations, SMES, subsidiaries of overseas listed and non-listed companies for their statutory and special audits.

Internal Audit is essential for any business as it is a key driver of effective management control, proactive risk management, good corporate governance and ongoing process improvement.

Our comprehensive ranges of internal audit procedures will help with the following advisory services:

  • Advising on the establishment of the best internal control system that in-line with your industry best practices
  • Helping your organization to develop and implement risk-based internal audit methodologies
  • Helping your firm carry out risk assessment evaluation and testing
  • Liaising with external auditors in relation to their annual statutory audit
  • Providing specialized additional resource to complement in-house internal audit departments

This includes providing special audits such as sales certification for various purposes, certification for Building Construction Authority (BCA), verification of fixed assets, verification of the nature of entertainment claims, agreed upon procedures, conversion of Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) to U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and etc.

Family Office and Financial Service Company Audit
Singapore is the 4th largest (Asset Under Management) financial center & 3rd largest forex (foreign exchange trading) center in the world. We have experienced audit staff & have made special audit programs in addition to the risk based approach audit programs. These special audit programs comprise of the audit requirements of the respective acts relating to financial sector & in addition to the compliance requirement approach, which are required to fulfil the requirements of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Special audit programs are developed inhouse to carry out the audit requirement of Company in accordance with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulations and guidelines.


Our aim is to provide you, with clear insights on the viability of potential investments, acquisition, mergers and joint venture projects. We offer practical solutions to issues identified during the due diligence that may impact your investments in the future and should be considered during the investment negotiation phase.

Our key services includes :

  • Assess realization and recoverability of the target company’s assets
  • Evaluate profitability, financial position, asset quality, liabilities, financial leverage and cash flows of your target company
  • Evaluate significant accounting policies adopted and the impact of the differences in accounting policies (if any) of your target company
  • Identify adjustments to restate financial statements to Singapore Financial Reporting Standards
  • Search for under-accruals, unrecorded liabilities and off-balance- sheet transactions of your targeted company

The Variable Capital Companies Act of 2018 was passed by repealing & modifying some of the provisions of the Companies Act of Singapore. Both the Acts will have different objectives and function simultaneously. The VCC is a new corporate structure that can be used for a wide range of investment funds (collective funds) and to provide fund managers greater operational flexibility and cost savings. Fund managers will be able to constitute investment funds as VCCs across both traditional and alternative strategies, as open-ended or closed-end funds. Fund managers may also incorporate new VCCs or re-domicile their existing investment funds with comparable structures by transferring their registration to Singapore as VCCs.

Our professional firm with our experienced team members can assist you in setting up of VCC, advisory services, secretarial and compliance services and tax of VCC.
We have a specialized audit team and in-house created audit program for VCC to carry out audit on risk-based approach in addition, to comply with the provisions of the VCC Act, the regulations and compliance requirements of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

We guarantee strong internal processes and strict adherence to agreed timelines

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