Singapore Fintech Festival 2019

The Fintech festival is successfully running for the past few years and an estimated 60,000 participants from 130 countries will visit the fintech festival during the year from 11th Nov to 15th Nov 2019. It will feature more than 400 speakers, over 900 exhibitors, 41 international pavilions. The visitors can also interact with 20 international financial regulators, at the Regulators zone to learn more about business opportunities and regulations in those countries. Those who missed the festival during the current year should plan well in advance for the next year’s festival which will run during Nov 2020 at Singapore.

Companies engaged in Fintech, throughout the world of more than 41 countries which are participating in the Singapore Fintech Festival include from China, India, Korea, Japan, UK, USA, Isreal, Germany, Dubai Abhudabi and Qatar. The Fintech companies are providing various services and include e-payments, e-remittances, e-investments, of both currencies and crypto currencies. The technology behind these services are artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and block chain technology.

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