1. SGX-listed companies are now required to prepare annual sustainability reports, explaining how they have been fulfilling their ESG (environmental, social and governance) goals. Over 20 global bourses, including the London Stock Exchange (but not the New York Stock Exchange), have made such reporting mandatory.


  1. Sustainability refers to ESG factors. The concept cast a wide definition net, encompassing green building and environment consciousness, community and charity work, and fair employment practices and management succession planning. Corporates are mandated to look beyond responsibility and corporate governance.


  1. The ESG factors- which range from environmental impact (itself a very broad topic), CSR concerns, employment practices and business ethics, to management policies and succession planning- are too wide-ranging to make any comparison of potential investments meaningful.


  1. For business, sustainability needs to be an approach that considers business strategy, operational execution, how their value chain impacts and is impacted by their business, robust risk management, stakeholder engagement and strong corporate governance, all within the physical and social environment which they operate.


  1. Singapore Companies do have policies on their emissions, waste management, and water efficiency and have actual targets for improvements.

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